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Shaving for men: How to prevent ingrown hairs?

Traditional and Modern Shaving-A comparative evaluation: Let’s make a comparative evaluation of both.

Each day is a new day, a new beginning. And what could be a better way to start a day than a good shave. A good shave is a beautiful combination of art and craft. Noted scientist Albert Einstein once famously said that he got his best ideas while shaving. In the older days, men were accustomed to traditional shaving. Traditional shaving required the use of safety razor or manual razor, shaving brush, aftershave lotion and beard soap. Shaving brushes played a prominent role for having smooth and flawless shaving experience. Thanks to modern technologies, we are blessed with modern means of shaving, which primarily uses cartridge and electric razors.

Traditional Shaving: It would be naïve to disregard it as obsolete and out-dated. On the contrary, it offers a unique benefit to sensitive skins by not harming them with chemicals. It also prevents ingrown hair.

Modern Shaving: Needless to mention, modern shaving employs an updated shaving kit like cartridge razors, aftershave cream or gel and decent shaving brush. It is, therefore, no surprise that wet shaving is gaining popularity along with the use of high end razor.

Ingrown hairs – (A nuisance): Ask any man and he will surely tell you that one of his biggest irritations is his ingrown hairs.

What is ingrown hairs?

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Ingrown hairs are those undesired hairs that grow back on the skin after shaving. Ingrown hairs may be itchy and, sometimes, embarrassing. They are often called razor bumps or barber bumps. According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), we have over 5 million follicles spread over our body and each follicle encompasses a hair that grows through our skin. However, the good news is one can easily prevent the growth of ingrown hairs.

How can we prevent ingrown hairs?

Following measures can be taken to reduce the chances of growth of ingrown hairs.

Prefer wet or lubricated shave: It is better to use wet shaving by letting the skin soak with some shaving cream or gel. It will help soften the skin.

Always use sharp edge razor: A rough razor will only give you a rough shave. A high-end razor ensures flawless shaving experience.

Follow the direction of your hair growth: Shaving in the direction that your hair is growing proved useful in the prevention of ingrown hairs.

Wash your razor after every stroke: It will help wet your razor every time, thus reducing the chances of the growth of ingrown hairs.

Avoid hardening your face for a closer shave: Keep a natural face skin while shaving. Hardening your face will allow the tips of your hairs crop back again soon.

Let your skin flourish in the sunlight. Live a few days more without shaving. Show your skin you care.